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In some respects, VoIP is sort of like the game of Bridge in that there are Calling Cards, but then there are also the Trump Cards. Unlike residential phone service and making the switch over to VoIP, it’s a completely different ball game when you’re looking at the business or corporate aspects of internet telephone calls using free business phone numbers. With the residential aspect of this, it is mainly done for cost-effectiveness.

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Businesses are not only looking at costs and free business phone numbers, they are looking at replacing all their existing PBX systems and dedicated voice networks that they have relied on for years. When you look at some of the characteristics, namely related equipment, one of the first things to do is compare PBX handsets with the VoIP-enabled types. Though similar in appearance, VoIP handsets obviously have more PC-oriented features.

If you’re a business person, there have probably been several times when you have contemplated making the switch from your costly standard phone service to an inexpensive internet phone service using a free business phone number VoIP technology, office PC’s, and of course, a broadband internet connection. But you’re a little concerned about the bugs and glitches that always seem to accompany these newer types of technology. Here are five helpful tips that will enable you to have a better phone experience, as well as help improve your VoIP network where business operations are concerned.

Helpful Tip #1 – Before you order your VoIP service, make sure that your current network can handle voice capabilities as well as normal data. Having separate networks to handle data and voice is very expensive, both with the initial act of installation and with monthly expense. Besides cost-effectiveness, you are afforded a more uniform and level form of communication where you can run data and voice over the same network using an internet phone service with a free business phone number.

Helpful Tip #2 – Before you start up your VoIP service, make sure all the right management tools are in place. Investing in a cheap internet phone service that uses free business phone numbers will not be of any benefit to you and your business if you haven’t installed the proper software to manage and monitor incoming and outgoing calls. Monitoring voice quality is also a task that should be performed so you can adjust echo and noise factors more easily.

Reason #3 – Before you fire up that VoIP system, make sure your network is safe and secure. All internet phone service providers (with or without the use of free business phone numbers, continue to share in the same dilemma even though significant improvements are on the horizon. VoIP is in the process of developing encryption support, but until it is developed thoroughly and then implemented, hackers can interrupt the data stream and steal secure information such as login information, system passwords, and even credit card numbers. Take steps to protect both your data and voice traffic by using encryption before you start using VoIP.

Helpful Tip #4 – Configuring QoS (Quality of Service) will give your voice traffic the priority with your VoIP service. QoS allows the prioritizing of certain types or classes of traffic when using VoIP with a free business phone number. In a VoIP network, you should always prioritize voice over all the other types and classes of traffic.

Helpful Tip #5 – It’s imperative that each and every one of your employees/ staff members get trained properly to use your cheap internet phone service. Having the best network, service, and software mean absolutely nothing, if your staff isn’t educated to the new technology. Things that your employees need to be skilled at or understanding of are:

• basic technical savvy of the hardware and software involved with the system
• communication processes that are well defined
• data flow of the system