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Free Number from the UK

If you have switched over to the latest in telecommunications technology, namely VoIP service with a free number from the UK, probably the biggest cost benefit is with low cost overseas calls a.k.a. your international calls. The interesting point with international calls is that businesses are now seeing the viability of the cost savings as well. When you consider that numerous businesses are global, it makes perfect sense that they would investigate a VoIP system.

Free UK Phone Number

This all depends on the type of calling package that you invest in. When it comes to cheap internet international calls using a free number from the UK, and charge-by-the-minute calls, they will run anywhere from $.10 to over $1 per minute, and that depends on two factors — what country the call is going to and is it a call made to a regular or mobile device. There is also the SMS messaging issue involved as well which can sometimes incorporate texts as well.

When it comes to keeping prices down with a free number from the UK, a lot of service providers actually negotiate good bandwidth rates with the companies that provide that in the international calls market. This, in turn, helps VoIP service providers stay competitive with one another. Wyatt claimed that this enabled their company to reduce its VoIP rates 30% over an 18-month period by negotiating better international call rates. He claims that roughly 10% of the company’s outbound calls are of an international nature, while 50% are to cell phones, 20% are national or long distance and the remainder are calls made within a distance of 50km or less (local).

Businesses that have call centers or support centers set up globally are the companies who benefit the most. In some instances, their international calling equated to nearly 60% of their outbound traffic, so the concept of making low cost overseas calls ranks high on their list of cost saving priorities. Companies that use a VoIP provider and a free number from the UK don’t have to worry about costly phone bills like they used to, and saving that kind of money is always the focus with any business.

When a company handles its own VoIP communication, oftentimes it has to confront issues such as costly equipment and creating a bandwidth infrastructure. The costs to do this can be staggering. However, when they sign-up with a VoIP service provider and a free number from the UK, for low cost overseas calls, long distance, and local calls, they actually are renting the access and the functionality so that they don’t have to incur those huge costs of doing it themselves.

It is estimated that a call center operation can save as much as 40% on calls to cellular phones and anywhere from 10% - 25% on national and long distance calls. It is not uncommon for a VoIP service to save the company up to 30% or more on international calls. The other benefit for businesses that have a free number from the UK is that they can rent the access and functionality of the VoIP service.

Even though the business has been given a free number from the UK, it would be extremely costly for a company to handle its own VoIP communications due primarily to the cost of the equipment as well as implementing the bandwidth infrastructure necessary to enable VoIP communications. It’s a given that VoIP service is the optimum way for cutting costs on long distance and international calls, but it is equally as important to understand the pitfalls of VoIP service as well.

The business just needs to choose the service that provides them with the most benefits and is the best suited to a free number from the UK. However, they need to keep in mind that they are basing the goal of building their business in this newer technology and that it will eventually equate to savings in the long run as well as achieving those business goals.