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Free UK Number

Datacalls offers each and every person a Free UK Number for which ever purpose you like. Once of the main advantages you get with a Free UK Number is that you can protect your identity online (it prevents you having to give out our real number).

Unlike most Free UK Numbers we offer a call recording service, whereby, you can select to record your calls through your Free UK Number control panel and then download them in WAV format.

Our Free UK Number also allows you to conduct business within the UK without having to worry about giving your international direct dial number (which most people find confusing).

Another advantage to our service it’s the ability to transfer all calls to your Free UK Number to almost any Landline or Mobile in the world. A list of accepted destinations can be found on your control panel.

Free UK Phone Number

Our Free UK Number service is operational 24 hours a day 365 days a year. With advanced Caller Identification handling and call tracking we are the best Free UK Number service on the internet. We have routed over 5 million calls and now have in excess of 350,000 customers worldwide.

It only takes a minute to register and once you have have received your login information via email it will take just a few moments to setup your new Free UK Phone Number. One of the main benefits of having a Free UK Phone Number is the ability to divert / forward your number worldwide free of charge.

We offer maby facilites on our Free UK Phone Numbers including free fax 2 email, free call diversion, free IVR. We also offer you the ability to view your call records online 'Live'! So after your call is completed just login to your control panel and click on call records and then 'View' next to the Free UK Phone Number you would like to see the call records for.

There are no limits as to how many numbers you have on your account and once you have used your number and no longer wish to receive calls you can simply delete it.

If you have any questions or require any help setting up your number our support staff are ready and waiting to assist. Just login to your control panel and click on the 'support' tab and complete the form. You will be auto assisgned a ticket number and we will walk you theough any problems that you may have.

We look forward to you joining the Free UK Phone Number service offered by Datacalls.