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Free International Divert

We at Datacalls offer a variety of call management solutions and phone numbers for personal, as well as professional use. You can benefit from our free diversion of calls services because we help you-

With unrestricted re-routes

When you are changing location but still need to continue using the same number

Secured information transfer. To be more specific, we never reveal your number without your permission

Keeping the non-memorable numbers stay inconspicuous

In adding national directory enquiry charges and that too without charging a single penny from you

In allotting an easy to remember number

Diverting your numbers with ease and free through the online approach, or telephone

Providing a local or national point of presence thereby bring about a positive change in your business reach

Promoting a corporate image

Free UK Phone Number

Our numbers go in with different kinds of equipment, phone line, modems and fax machines Let us now take a look at the sources that will benefit using our numbers-

An individual or business that needs to be location independent.

Call centres.

Customer Support and Sales lines.

Virtual companies.

Businesses that have provision for Out of Hours call handling.

Individuals and Businesses that need extra privacy

Marketing campaigns.


Security companies.

TV as well as magazine adverts.

Voluntary organizations.

Overseas individuals and businesses.

Stationery, signs as well as packaging.

prevention from Identity theft

New as well as growing businesses of any size.

Event organizers.

Disaster recovery.

Price is indeed a crucial factor that determines whether we should register for a service or back off from the idea. But then, if you take a look at our prices… there are none! Which is why the Datacalls communication network is the service to use:-

Hundreds of numbers are available free of charge

You can choose from a list over 200 numbers at anytime

No rental, subscription, or other monthly expenses

We will help you with an instant connection facility.

Getting a number is easy, quick and free. You preferred number can be completely connected and activated within a couple of seconds. You can simply log onto our website and choose any number as per your preference and that too is free of cost. You can hire our services for personal as well as professional purposes. We are known for our latest telecommunications technology and can help you with free diversion of calls everywhere and anywhere.

In addition to free diversion of calls, you can avail other features like Fax2Email, Virtual IVR, Voice Mail, to name a few. We work on the most advanced technology to make sure you hear clear audio when on a call. We have faith in our services and expect the same from you. The best part about our services is that we will never chain you into contracts. So if you think that we are the best possible solution to help you out, make sure to sign up with us today.