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Free IVR Phone Number

Datacalls offers free UK numbers with IVR capabilites. Our IVR numbers are available worldwide at no cost with free diversion to mobile and landlines as well as VoIP Phone.

With our IVR system you are in complete control. You can add your own welcome message to greet your callers, add and remove ivr menus, add and remove individual voice prompts for each of your menus. Our system also has the flexibility to individually divert each menu, so for example you may want menu 1 diverted to a mobile and menu 2 diverted to a landline, you may want menu 1 and menu 2 to both go to the same mobile or different mobiles. The options are all there for each and every number. The idea of the system is to allow your callers to get hold of you if your not available on a certain number. For example, you may upload a voice prompt saying "press 1 to call my work", "press 2 to call my mobile". Thus, allowing your callers to always get hold of you.

Free UK Phone Number

The cost of this service is free! thats right, all of our uk ivr numbers are free to everyone worldwide.

There is no sign up fee for joining our network and there is no limit to the amount of free ivr numbers you want, the only conditions are, 1. you must call your number at least once in the first week of adding it to your account, 2. call your number at least once a year therafter.

We have online help available, however, we have designed our control system to be very simply and self explantory. However, if you require a more personal help service then please email one of our engineers at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or send a support request through the new control panel.