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Frequently Asked Questions

How do 07031 and 07024 numbers work?

These numbers look just like uk mobile numbers accept they start 070 rather than 075, 076 etc...

07031 XXXXXX or 07024 XXXXXX

Once you have signed up for a free 07031 number or a free 07024 number you will gain access to our online control panel which allows you to add an unlimited amount of numbers to your account. Each number can either be diverted to the same mobile or landline or separate mobile and landline numbers.

Free UK Phone Number

Once you have setup the routing on you 07031 number or 07024 number you may start to use it immediately. When you receive a call through you 07031 number 07024 number we then divert that call do the number you set on the control panel.

So for example if you have the number 07024123456 and you receive a call, our network very quickly locates your routing information. Our network then places a call to your mobile or landline phone and the call is connected. So if you lived in the USA, your USA mobile number or landline number would ring and you can talk as if they had called you directly.

Our 07031 and 07024 numbers are open on the international gateway. This means that anyone from around the world can call your new 07031 or 07024 number. If you would like to give you number to people overseas then the number is treated like any other UK phone number and thus the E.164 format applies. Therefore you would give your number as +447024XXXXXX.

How much does this service cost?

All of our 07031 and 07024 numbers are totally free of cost. There are no setup charges or contracts. Registration is free and very simple. All calls placed to mobile phones and landlines are also completely free of charge.

What destinations do you divert to?

We route to thousands of destinations both to mobile phones and to land lines. You can find a complete list of the accepted destinations on our online control panel.

How many UK numbers are allowed?

Our network will allow you to add as many numbers as you wish. The only stipulation is that the number is used. Any numbers that are not used within the first week of activation are removed and re-allocated. (this means if no one calls your number in a week). After the initial week has passed if no one rings your number after 1 year then the number is removed and re-allocated. How does it affect my current telephone service?

How does it affect my current telephone service?

You current telephone service is not affected at all. In fact, we do not even contact your provider. This is a complete independent service offered by Datacalls. When someone rings your number all our network does is place a call to your chosen destination, that’s it. Its affectively one big switch board.

So why have a free 07031 or 07024 number?

These numbers are very affective in many ways. You may want to give your number out online or to people you not sure of, this is a way of protecting yourself so you don’t have to give your real number out. You may want to use it for business or may want to do business in the UK but don’t want people direct dialling your international number. There are no restrictions placed on the number.

Ok, so what is the small print?

There is none. You are free to use your number as and when you like. There are no costs involved and there are no contracts. Anyone from around the world can have one of our numbers.